Sperry Top-Sider Boat Shoes

They say that if something’s not broke, then don’t try to fix it. Fortunately, the designers at Sperry have taken heed to this wise advice, and for over 70 years have offered exceptional quality in a line of boat shoes that have remained a front-runner in the boating market since their inception in 1935.

Sperry top-sider shoes are designed to provide a harmonious balance of style, comfort, and traction for those who are continuously walking atop potentially slippery surfaces. While they have become a fantastic summertime wardrobe staple for those with a love for preppy fashion, they also serve a functional purpose so effective that has been recognized by the United States Navy, who in 1939 acquired the right to manufacture the shoes for sailors.

What makes the Sperry shoes so functional and reliable? When Paul Sperry, an avid boater, conceived the idea of designing the shoe, he wanted to create something that would solve the many problems he encountered during his time on the water. Some of those concerns include constant slippage due to excessive water, discomfort as a result of many hours spent walking, as well as unsightly marks that shoes commonly left on the boat’s deck.

One afternoon, while observing his dog run across an icy surface, Sperry was inspired to create a shoe that would provide a similar amount of traction that would allow a human to travel across icy and wet surfaces with the same amount of ease. After examining the surface of his dog’s foot, the idea of creating a shoe that would allow water to travel between grooves resulting in superior slip-resistance was born. In an effort to create multi-functionality, the shoe is also designed with a white sole, which prevents it from leaving behind scuff marks on solid surfaces like a boat deck.

As if the shoe isn’t innovative enough, Sperry top-siders can now be ordered online. Online ordering opens up a world of opportunity for those who are constantly on the go. Now, fans of top-siders can shop the fantastic selection of these popular shoes from the comfort of their own homes at any time of day or night. With the creation of online ordering capabilities, people can spend more time on the water and less time battling busy parking lots and hectic shopping malls, making the entire experience of owning these shoes comfortable and enjoyable.

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